“Life is a song - sing it.
Life is a game - play it..
Life is a challenge - meet it..
Life is a dream - realize it..
Life is a sacrifice- offer it..
Life is a love - enjoy it.”

Founder of WritersTone

Hi, I’m Anushka Malviya. I’m a Symbiosis Alumni. To a decent personality, I am always trying to develop myself. I want to explore all parts of the world. Every dream starts with a star-gazer. Remember, within you have the Fortitude, the Perseverance, the Stolid, and the Enthusiasm to achieve the star to change the world. So you can join the Journey of dreams with my Blog.

On this website, you'll find some interesting articles on yoga, food, and more. By reading books and articles, I speed up my learning curve. Spending a lifetime figuring things out through trial and error, you'll learn faster from other people’s experiences. That’s the reason I started with this blog.

Most of the concepts I write of my own. Most of my work reflects my experiences and journey through time as a reader. I search for insights from all fields: yoga, fitness, food, lifestyle, motivation, creativity, etc. I consider it my job to seek the simplest ideas and explain them in a way that's actionable and easy-to-understand.

“Let's make the reading community a little better!”

Yoga mudra


Yoga asana